Annual Volume : 5,000,000
Electrical & Mechanical Defective Rate : 0 PPM
Other Defective Rate : 10 PPM
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Our push switch, which is the most important aspect for the electrical reliability of our Lamps using the push switch design, was developed by Kamada & patented in the USA and Korea. The patented design utilizes a stable rotating contact on a PCB board, for a compact & simple assembly structure, resulting in a reliable quality switch that meets or exceeds all OEM performance requirements and at an economical price. All switches are assembled on our proprietary semi-automatic synchronous assembly line and 100% inspected on our proprietary, fully automatic test machine, which tests for major electrical & mechanical characteristics (open, short, intermittent, millivolt drop, push force and push force deflection curves), in order to provide our customers with a world class, zero defect switch.