Annual Volume:1,000,000
Electrical & Mechanical Defective Rate :0 PPM
Other Defective Rate : 50 PPM
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In capitalizing on the successful GM D/R Lamp design, Kamada assisted their customer in development of this corporate D/R Lamp for Daimler Chrysler. One of it’s main characteristics, is the Backplate design that incorporates an integral and relatively flexible headliner attachment arm, so that this lamp can be used on a variety of headliner thickness’ across several vehicle models. Advanced process technology (poke-yoke, detection sensors, etc.) has been utilized in this program based on “lessons learned” from prior programs, which is the same method applied to all Kamada production programs. With effective quality control management through all phases from inception through production, Kamada has once again succeeded in a successful production launch for this Lamp, achieving a zero PPM rejection rate from our customer.