Annual Volume:1,400,000
Electrical & Mechanical Defective Rate :0 PPM
Other Defective Rate : 50 PPM
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Kamada Corp. has been supplying this D/R Lamp since 1995. The preceding 1994 model (also supplied by Kamada) was designed with a wire harness and we redesigned the new model with an insert molded leadframe design to replace the wire harness, in conjunction with utilizing Kamada¡¯s patented terminal type push switch. This new design maximizes the electrical stability & reliability over the previous wire harness design commonly used in automotive interior lighting. We have achieved this by eliminating any need for soldering or crimping in the circuitry of the Lamp. The leadframe is designed to make the connecting terminals integral to the insert molded stamping and mates perfectly with Kamada¡¯s terminal type switch for a reliable electrical connection. Using dedicated assembly & test machines on the assembly line enhances the quality & productivity of this lamp. In doing so, Kamada has achieved a ¡°0¡± PPM rejection rate for electrical issues.